Advisory Services
We provide advisory services on ‘Retainership’ basis for corporate clients, in the area of foreign exchange risk and treasury management (including the use of derivatives) on the following basis:

  • A proactive management of a corporate’s forex exposures would be based on its risk-reward profile and the nature of its business.
  • We advise on the suitability (or otherwise) of derivative instruments like option contracts, structured products, interest rate and currency swaps and forward rate agreements (FRAs) etc.
  • We advise on various aspects of trade finance, analyzing the suitability of suppliers’ credit over buyers’ credit, PCFC route over rupee packing credit, etc.
  • We also monitor our clients latest exposures (based on information given by them) and contact them when any action is needed. Our emphasis is on risk appreciation, risk quantification and risk control.

Risk Management Policy
We also help our clients draft their Treasury Risk Management policy. Once the policy is framed, we help them in implementing the same on a continual basis.